Motorised and manual options to suit any application. The perfect shading solution.

ScreenLine Integral blinds are the perfect shading solution. The blind is sealed inside the double glazed unit meaning it is clean for life and maintenance free. The ScreenLine Integral blinds come in a range of control options (both manual and motorised) along with a range of colour options. Integral blinds work well in both windows and doors. We have been a ScreenLine Partner for several years and work closely with ScreenLine UK to ensure we offer our clients the best service when it comes to Integral Blinds.

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Cord Control System

The most popular and cost effective system we offer is the C system which is a manually operated blind. The blind is operated via a magnetic cord control system. Perfect for both windows and doors the cord control system gives an ascetically pleasing finish to any home.

Sliding System

Looking for a manual control system but avoiding cords? The sliding system is the perfect system for you. The sliding system is operated via a single magnet on one side of the unit. The sliding magnet controls the raising, lowering and tilting of the blind. This is ScreenLines latest blind system and is proving extremely popular across the residential market.

Battery Operated System

The ScreenLine battery operated system is a motorised blind system meaning the ultimate ease when it comes to operation. The blinds are controlled via a remote control or via touch control on the battery module. The battery module is linked to a small solar panel on the external side of the unit which re charges the batteries inside the battery pack.

Blind Options

ScreenLine Video Series. Use the controls on the player to move through the video series.