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It does not cover specific java se 9 certification domains such as GUI creation, Web or network programming, though it does cover part of the APIs included in the standard library. The exam tests how well a programmer has understood the language constructs and mechanisms. However it’s not a goal of the exam to test the programmer’s ability to produce purposeful or efficient programs. It does not test the programmer’s ability to write efficient algorithms, for example, though it does test knowledge of which collections should be selected in order to implement efficient algorithms without re-inventing the wheel. It is a professional-level certification program provided by Oracle for Java developers. Using this certification, aspirants and other hard-core Java programmers can distinguish themselves from those Java professionals who are not certified.


Jim has extensive experience with unit and acceptance testing techniques and tools, and is one of the original authors of JWebUnit, an open-source web application testing API and framework. If you want to build a web application, explore the JEE 9 path, as it will contain many topics that teach you how to create a server-side web application. Or if you’re interested in creating a client-side web application, take a look at the Java EE 9 path that integrates with web clients. If your organization wants to expose data over the web for other applications to use, you’ll need to build an API. Creating APIs again powered by Java, is covered in the Java EE 9 path.

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Finally, with most code-constructs known, you can learn more about best practices to create your next Java application. You’ll learn how to apply SOLID principles, design patterns and how to refactor existing Java code. This path will take you from the very beginning, with no Java knowledge, all the way to being an expert in the language. Java 17, the latest LTS version of Java, is used for all courses in the path. OAK Academy is made up of tech experts who have been in the sector for years and years and are deeply rooted in the tech world. They specialize in critical areas like cybersecurity, coding, IT, game development, app monetization, and mobile development.

What certification is best for Java?

  • Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer OCAJP.
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer OCPJP.
  • Oracle Certified Expert – Web Component Developer OCEWCD.
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java Application Developer (OCPJAD)

It includes basics of Java, introduction and setup of Java, basic flow control, operators, array list, understanding of strings, time and date concerning Java & API, and designing of Class. I hope these insights may help people seeking to start the Oracle Java certification path. It is also recommended to time your performance on every question, and you will notice an improvement every day.

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This program is offered by none other than Microsoft itself so you will learn from the source. It validates your concepts and skills on how to write and execute a Java program, work with the Java Development Kit and the Java Runtime Environment . This Java certification is focused on core Java, and you can take this to distinguish yourself from several other Java professionals who are not certified.

They are multiple-choice, often asking you to pick 2 of 5 answers, or 3 of 5. Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the IT industry. It is used by both individuals and organizations and will continue to be the case in the future.

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Validate the candidate’s skills and knowledge on how to create infrastructure solutions using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services. Earning an Oracle Certification allows the candidate with the latest product-specific knowledge and skills to compete in the rapidly changing world of technology, and sets you apart, giving you an edge in job interviews. This is not a must, as it depends on how much you master Java, but it could be very helpful to get started with the certification path for many. There are many courses on the web, some are free but the complete and the high-quality ones come with a fee. Java developers are one of the most elite developing sectors in the IT industry and their demand has never been dull in these years. For the past three decades, it has dominated the entire industry across the world.

The training is aimed at providing you with entry-level skills and knowledge that will enable you to reach a higher level of Java programming. The main aim of the Java SE 8 Programmer I course is to equip you with all the required skills you need to be a great programmer. Thus, if you have been dreaming about learning Java and the basics of Oracle, and you also want to become a professional programmer, then this course is definitely designed for you. This training is aimed at bringing the students closer to Java by teaching them the entry-level skills and knowledge of Java. The Oracle offers training programs for each of their certifications and exams.